Open Kiln: Certification Needed

06/02/2023 at 11:00AM

Free Glass Friday - Kiln Slump & Tack Firing

Free Glass Friday - Kiln Slump & Tack Firing
$35.00 non-members / $25.00 members

Completed 06/02/2023


Join us for a Slump and Tack Fire Kiln Session. We do this firing schedule every last Friday of the month. This includes 4 hours bench time, free Bullseye glass scraps, and one scheduled slump + tack kiln firing.

Kiln students must bring their own tool or rent them from Potekglass for $15. Tools are for sale at Potekglass.

Kiln paper is required for firing projects. Fire paper can be bought online here or at the studio.

All Bullseye COE90 glass scraps are available to use for free! If you are interested in a specific color or size that cannot be found in the student glass buckets, glass is available for purchase from Potekglass inventory online here or while you are at the studio.

*Note: Kiln experience is required to participate.
Not Potekglass kiln certified yet? Sign-up for a Try-iT! Kiln Class.
Lots of kiln experience, just not at Potekglass? Email us with the subject title "Kiln Experience" and we'll see if this is the right fit for you

Looking for an open kiln session with a full fuse firing schedule? Sign up for one of those here or at the studio!


06/02/2023 at 11:00AM


2505 Howard St. NE, Suite C
Minneapolis , MN , 55418