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Wondering if hot glass is for you? Try it, you’ll like it! All classes offered at Potekglass include materials. No “kit fees” or glass purchases necessary. Tools and safety equipment will be provided.

What is offered at Potekglass studios?

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Our Try-iT! classes are introductory level glass-making classes, geared toward the novice who would like to experience what it means to manipulate glass.

Each individual Try-iT! course will spend 3 hours focused upon a few fundamentals specific to the type of glass used and the technique highlighted. While each class highlights different elements, techniques from each class will contribute to a better understanding - and may be applied - to a wide expanse of glass craft techniques. All Try-iT! classes are $95 for a 3-hour class.

We currently offer four different Try-iT! level classes at the shop:

Basics from Boron 
Borosilicate glass gets its name from the element boron which is added as a flux to create an American hard glass. A melt that occurs at a hotter temperature, boro is well suited for sculptural glass endeavors. In this class students will create a small paperweight, smash a gather into an icicle ornament and experiment with blowing a small object.

Beads of Italian Soft Glass
Students will learn the basics of gathering up molten glass from the torch and applying it onto a mandrel. Once our beads are made we will create stringers and apply decoration to our beads. Expect to make between 6 and 12 beads depending on your working style.

Simple to start, endless in it’s potential; kiln forming is to glass what conducting is to instruments. In this course students will learn to cut patterns our of sheet glass, make frit, and work with a variety of glass formats by combining them in the kiln to produce tiles, pendants and small art objects.

Cast Glass Magnets
Apply colorful glass powders to a mold, charge the mold with glass, and fire it to cast your glass into various shapes and sculptural options--to create a one-of-a-kind cast glass magnet in the kiln.

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Intermediate classes are project-based, all-day workshops (10am-5pm, with a 1-hour lunch break). Instructed often by visiting artists as well as in-studio staff, these classes are formulated to be appropriate for the beginning to intermediate level glass-worker. Participants in intermediate classes need to have either taken a Try-iT! class or have some previous experience with glass. These intermediate level workshops will facilitate an opportunity for students to focus on a specific technique, through personalized instruction and core projects.

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              Visiting Artist Workshops

Potekglass studio has been host to a variety of masters in varying glass crafts. A few times a year, internationally acclaimed instructors and artists will teach classes at Potekglass, usually 2-day intensive workshops. Check your monthly e-mail newsletter from the shop to ensure your knowledge of these rare opportunities to experience individual instruction from experts within the boundless medium of glass.