Bullseye glass FAQ

What is Bullseye glass?

Bullseye is colored glass that's manufactured for use in art and architecture. All of our glasses can be used for stained glass and mosaic work, and most are tested-compatible for fusing and other methods of forming glass within a kiln.


What can I do with Bullseye glass?

The sky's the limit. Most of our customers work in fusing, kilnforming, kilncasting, torchworking, and stained glass. But plenty of others use our glass to add color to their gardens, concrete surfaces and other places where permanent decorative materials are desired. Take a look at our product line and let your imagination go wild.


What is glass fusing?

Fusing is the joining together of separate glasses through the application of heat within a kiln. Many people use the terms "fusing" and "kilnforming" interchangeably.


What is kilnforming?

Kilnforming is the shaping of glass within a kiln, using heat and gravity. Kilnforming methods include fusing, slumping, kilncasting, and other techniques. Works made using these techniques are called "kiln-glass".

Bullseye's Mission Statement

Bullseye Glass Company is a manufacturer of colored glass for art and architecture with worldwide distribution and a strong commitment to research, education, and promoting glass art. Our glass is handcrafted in our factory, based in Portland, Oregon.


Since 1974, we have collaborated with a community of artists worldwide and have been instrumental in developing many of the fundamental materials and methods at the core of contemporary kiln-glass. We're widely known as the first company in the world to formulate and manufacture glasses that are factory-tested for fusing compatibility. We're also recognized for key contributions to the kilnforming, kilncasting, flameworking, and coldworking methods used to create glass art.


Bullseye is a small company with worldwide influence.


Our factory in Portland, Oregon sets the standard for quality in colored glass for art and architecture.


Our research and education programs continually enrich and extend the reach of contemporary kiln-glass.
Bullseye Projects (formerly Bullseye Gallery) presents and promotes the work of innovative artists from around the globe.


Bullseye Glass Values

Bullseye's first products were made with recycled glass, and that was more than forty years ago. From the beginning we've been seriously committed to social responsibility: impacting the environment, communities, and people in positive ways.


Bullseye Glass Philosophy

We conduct every aspect of our business to lessen our impact on the environment, provide a high quality of life for our employees, and protect everyone who may be touched by our business. At Bullseye, social responsibility means doing our best to instill our ethics and values into every aspect of our work.


Safety and Sourcing Strategies

We designed the factory in which our glass products are made to the highest standards for employee safety and environmental accountability. We endeavor to purchase all of our supplies and goods from socially responsible vendors.


Employee Support

With a staff of 140+ employees, we strive to create a work environment in which the rights and needs of all are respected and individual contributions are acknowledged. We encourage the entire staff to offer suggestions, ask questions, and voice concerns. We administer programs that foster personal and professional development, and provide a comprehensive benefits program designed to protect the health, wellbeing, and financial stability of our employees and their dependents.


Community Involvement

We believe it is important to support the communities in which we live and work. We do this by making product donations and offering technical support to local educational institutions and public arts projects.


Environmental Accountability

Our commitment to environmental accountability involves progressive planning in the areas of design, waste reduction, and energy conservation. Bullseye Factory has been designed to meet the highest standards for employee safety and environmental accountability.


All of Bullseye's glass is made in Portland, Oregon, under the most stringent environmental regulations of any other U.S. glass company.


In 2004, Bullseye was honored with an award from BEST (Businesses for an Environmentally Sustainable Tomorrow) in Portland's Office of Sustainable Development—for achieving a 60% reduction in factory water use by voluntarily replacing a single-pass cooling system with one that re-circulates water.


In 2005, we installed an oxygen system to improve efficiency in the consumption of natural gas in our manufacturing process. Our carbon emissions were subsequently reduced by as much as 40% and our nitrous oxide emissions by more than 90%.


In 2016, Bullseye invested over $1 million in emission controls to meet new environmental standards. And while some of our competitors think otherwise, we think Oregon is the right place to make excellent artisan glass while maintaining the highest standards of public health and safety.


Some 2016 accomplishments:

To date, 18 of 20 furnaces have baghouses installed.

Additional technology for leak detection was installed in December.

We are scheduled to conduct the final state and federal emissions testing and documentation of our operating procedures in the first quarter of 2017.

Owner Dan Schwoerer states: “The expense has been extremely challenging, but now that we have met this significant goal, we are confident that we have a strong and sustainable business, and can operate in full compliance with new regulations.”

Bullseye Glass will continue to address the environmental challenges confronting our community and our industry.