Public Art: Commission OMC

Osceola Medical Center



Completed in 2016 “Voyageurs” was commissioned by the Osceola Medical Center to honor retiring Dr. Arnold S. Potek for over 42 years of commitment to family medicine.  Located in my hometown of Osceola Wisconsin this opportunity was an opportunity to examine my deep  connection with the landscape of my formative years.  Balancing abstract elements that could tell the story of the river valley in which it was located, I looked to the history of those that passed through  and made a mark on that landscape.  The expression of flow,  both of the natural world and those that came before found great expression in the glass format chosen.  Tessellated patterns of travelers are reminiscent of the indigenous pictographs found  on the river’s cliffs as well as the history of the voyageurs that traded and lived on this early commercial river route. Techniques of raked glass, pulled stringer and powder work form the language of earth, water and air.  This artwork is a testament to the love the community shares of this dynamic landscape.

Special thanks to Tom Kelly for the incredible metal work on the steel frame.