Yoko Ono

"Yes Painting"

Yoko Ono 1966


This past month I have been enjoying Yoko Ono’s Instructional Pieces; primarily for instructions on creating peace.  These “Paintings” are conceptual poems that prompt the viewer into a particular mental exercise.


Specifically important to me was Ono’s “Yes Painting”.  Considering the circus rodeo - that is our nation’s election, this piece brought language of glass ceilings, misogyny, and violence.


Additionally,  Ono’s “Painting to Hammer a Nail In”  very eloquently describes my feelings of incapacity to make change.  A life constructed of glass may tell a story, but that narrative  likely changes in the physical world.


High praise to Yoko Ono for creating enduring works of art that adds to the vitreous vocabulary.


“Painting to Hammer a Nail In”

Yoko Ono 1961

For more information visit "http://www.japantimes.co.jp/culture/2003/12/10/arts/think-positive/" \l ".WEV5EaIrIfg"