Kimiake & Shin-ichi Higuchi

Beloved teachers, Japanese husband and wife team Kimiake Higuchi and Shin-ichi Higuchi literally wrote the book on pate de verre, the technique in which glass powder is packed into a mold or form and then fired. Pate de verre allows for the precise placement of color -- a prominent characteristic of the Higuchi's work.

Kimiake Higuchi's body of pate de verre work is almost entirely based on themes of nature. Flowers, animals, and even asparagus and cabbage are frequent sources of inspiration. Her work frequently begins with "models" picked from her own garden.

The Higuchi's work is included in many significant glass collections. Much of the Higuchis' studio and about 40% of their artwork was destroyed in the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. Their newly rebuilt studio at the northern end of Nikko National Park opened in mid 2011.

Text Courtesy Glass Facts