Stained Glass Repairs

Preserve your stained glass windows, repair tiffany shades, and restore bent lamp panels. Our artisans care about your repair as much as you do. The variety of repairs we have seen gives us great insight into the best way to restore your stained glass treasure. Looking for a new stained glass window? Let's chat!

Step 1

Take a picture and email it to We need to know that we are equipped to take on the project. Once we have an image, we can give a preliminary estimate.

Step 2

Schedule a time to bring the repair into the shop, or arrange for pickup. Trip charges in the Twin Cities Metro area start at $250 plus any time to remove an installed repair. After we have your project in the shop, we can finalize an accurate estimate. Once you approve the estimate, we will ask for a deposit to place your repair in queue. Our repairs start at $125.

Step 3

Once the repair is complete, come and pick up your piece or schedule to have it installed. Final payment is due upon completion. We request pickup be completed within 14 days. Completed projects left in the shop after 45 days are subjuect to a $5/day charge.  

Step 4

Care Instructions:

After repair, each piece is cleaned thoroughly. Aside from a gentle dusting, your piece may never need to be cleaned. We don’t recommend using glass cleaners or other chemical cleaners on any piece of stained glass, since they may damage the lead, solder, glass, and integrity of the piece. If cleaning is required, use a damp towel or rag. 

For copper-foiled and soldered pieces (Tiffany method), solder or lead may oxidize from time to time and leave a whitish substance on the surface. Gently clean them with dish soap and water, then seal them with a stained glass sealant or a high-quality carnuba wax using a towel or rag. Never use chemical cleaners or anything abrasive on your glass pieces. If you are unable to remove the oxidation, or "tarnish," contact us about our cleaning services.