Group Classes

"Just wanted to report back that this was a GREAT event!! The food was great, our instructor was amazing and I couldn't be happier."

- Group Kiln Class participant

Torchwork class rates

5-6 people: $500

7-8 people: $575

Kiln class rates

5-6 people: $500

7-8 people: $575

9-10 people: $650

11-15 people: $700

16-20 people: $800

Schools and Youth Groups


Our studio mission is to give everyone the opportunity to participate in the creative processes involved in glasswork.


Group Glasses and Custom Courses

Field Trips


Groups of 5-10 can schedule a 6-session course
- or - 
Create a custom class to fit your specific desires and availability




Students will be working 3 dimensionally and sculpting clay. Students will learn mold making techniques and casting in glass while gaining an understanding of craftsmanship, focus and creativity. Ages 9+ can practice torchwork techniques.



Each student will have one project that they will take home by the end of the course. 



We are pleased to offer field trips for large groups! 

Our basic field trip package includes a tour of the studio and demonstrations of different glassmaking techniques including Italian Soft Glass, Borosilicate torch work, and Kiln-formed projects. 

Students will be able to keep melt and drools, stringers, and sheet cuts.

Tier 1 Field Trip Rates:                Additional Tier 2 Rates:

1 – 25 students: $250                            1-12 students: +$14
26-40 students: $320                          13-25 students: +$13

41-60 students: $530                           26-40 students: +$12

                                                              41-60 students: +$11

 Additional Tier 3 Rates:

1-12 = $600 1 instructor required

13 - 25 = $47.50 per head

Corporate events and teambuilding

Teamwork of Art


Potekglass invites your group to participate in a Team Work of Art - a unique process to consolidate your team's vision.

Enhance your team’s creative problem solving skills through a fun and educational art making process.

You will work together to build a unique piece of art that represents your mission and core values.

Potekglass can help with catering

-or- feel free to bring your own.  

We are here to make this a memorable and lasting experience.

Sessions are limited to 12 groups a year.

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Corporate and Group Classes

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