Youth Classes

Take a field trip to Potekglass! 

Visit our studio and learn from a working artist. All ages welcome. Gain insight into craftsmanship, geometry and focus from local artist Malcom Potek. Malcom has spent the past 26 years as a glass artist. Potekglass specializes in education, architectural elements and fine art.

"Thank you for the fun encouraging introduction to glass for our students!" - Susan V, Avail Academy art educator

Teir 1 Field Trip includes:

  • Hot glass demos
  • Torch practice for each participant
  • Studio tour
  • Student participation and small keepsake 

1 – 25 = $250 1 instructor required


Tier 2 Field Trip includes:

  • Full tour and torchwork listed above
  • Additional demonstration in fusing glass
  • Students create fused glass cabachons
  • Setting and firing kiln for student projects

Tier 1 base price plus:

1 –12 = $14 per head
13-25 = $13 per head


Tier 3 Field Trip includes:

  • Studio tour
    Introduction to glass as a material
    Instruction on pattern making, glass cutting, and tools
    Operating a small glass torch, and shop safety
    Group will work as a team to cut colors, determine patterns and embellish according to personal taste

1-12 = $600 1 instructor required

                                                                                                                                   13 - 25 = $47.50 per head

                                                                                         Approximately 4 hours

Case Study of Tier 3 Field Trip

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